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Projet Karyne - Fundraising

Project Karyne: Garden Bags sale - Maisonneuve vs Maisonneuve
article by Carl Maisonneuve, October 2006

As you may know, the school is selling garden bags with profits going to Projet Karyne. You may also know that I challenged the kids to raise more money than me...

The battle was raging when suddently, to my horror, my own aunts and uncles from Montréal (and unfortunately I have many of them) united together and bought all of their bags from the kids. Those of you who know me know that I don't give up easily, and so an epic battle ensued.

Here is the official tally. Note that the amount per pack may vary since 1 pack = $5.50 but 2 packs = $10.

Sold 185 packs = $925.50
Bought back 55 unsold packs = $275 (I can hear the Montrealers calling me out as a cheater, but hey, I paid for them, so bug off)
Cash donations = $131
TOTAL = $1,331.50

The kids
Sold 195 paquets = $996
Cash donations = $559
TOTAL = $1,555.00

Nice jobs kids. I blame the coach for my performance.

Thanks to all who helped us out!