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Projet Karyne - Fundraising

Contact-us to participate in one of our fundraisers.
You can also visit our Sponsors page!

The Wall of Founders for the solar greenhouse

Your message or dedication will be engraved on one of the greenhouse walls, for donations of $200 or more. In the spirit of Project Karyne, several families have already decided to make a donation in memory of a loved one.

Our goal is to include at least 100 messages in the greenhouse.

This fundraiser also features a contest !! The student who sells the most plaques will receive a 250$ award.

The prize will be awarded in May 2011,

The form to complete for each plaque sold is available here (PDF), or at the secrétariat.

Thanks and good luck

Plaque design and materials used will be determined later.

As of November 28th 2010

Individual and corporate sponsorships

Since 2006, the Project Karyne already raised
almost $100,000 from corporations and individuals -
many of which knew Karyne of course!

We thank all of our sponsors, and provide to each one a receipt for income tax purposes.

We are also always looking for community partners, who may be willing to offer services or products at a reduced price.

Our list of previous sponsors is here.

If you are interested in providing financial support for our project, please contact us by email.

Thank you!!!

Sacs à jardins

Les sacs à jardins sont TOUJOURS en vente !
5.00$ par paquet de 5 sacs

Aimants pour l'auto

Les aimants pour votre voiture
sont en vente.
Seulement 5 dollars!!!!

Previous Fundraisers

February 2011

Many thanks to the team of illusionnists Evollusions for once again dedicating their series of eight extraordinary shows to Karyne's memory.

During each show, a fundraising table for Projet Karyne raised a total of more than $650.

Congratulations, thank you and good luck in your upcoming tour!

NORWEX Products
Radically reducing the use of chemicals in personal care and cleaning.

Mme Hélène Lefebvre organized a number of demonstrations of Norwex products, and donated a portion of the profits to Projet Karyne for the solar greenhouse. Thanks to her efforts, more than $500 were raised for PK. Many thanks to Mrs Lefebvre!

To view the complete line of Norwex products, visit You can order products directly from Mrs Lefebvre by calling 613-673-5328 ou by email,


December 2008

In December, Chloe Guindon, a photography student at Algonquin College whose brother Rob attends G-L, graciously offered to organize a Project Karyne fundraiser. In cooperation with the school, she held family photo sessions and raised $450. Thank you Chloe and Rob for your incredible enthousiasm!

June 2008

Thanks to Rob Guindon, a student in grade 11 at Gisèle-Lalonde high school, who had his hair shaved by Mrs Gisèle-Lalonde herself, during the Orléans Soapbox Race. Rob and his family raised over $3,000 for Projet Karyne! We would also like to thank the organizers of the race to allow us to be part of that extraordinary event, and for their support!

And thank you also to Chloé, Rob's sister, for this excellent montage (5 MB).

Avril 2008

Many thanks to the team of illusionnists Thrillusions for dedicating their latest series of eight extraordinary shows to Karyne's memory.

After each show, a fundraising table for Projet Karyne raised a total of more than $500.

Congratulations, et thank you to three local rising stars!

Ticket sale for the Senators' hat singed by Mike Fisher

Once again was a enormous succes!

Thanks to all sens fans!

Kernels Popcorn Sale (January 2007 to June 2007)

The popcorn sale each Friday - five types of popcorn are available for $2 per bag.

Thanks to all popcorn eaters!

School locker shelf sale (December 2006)

The shelf sale took place during December. We will soon have some surplus shelves to sell (they are being made by the G-L Construction class. Please send an email if you are interested in buying one.

Thanks to all and a special thanks to M. Poirier who is in charge of building the shelves.

Garden Bag Sale (October 2006 & May 2007)

The fall sale was a huge success! Thousands of bags were sold; we are off to

a fantastic start. Thanks to everyone.

Family Challenge Article: Project Karyne: Garden Bags Sale - Maisonneuve vs Maisonneuve